Something New!

When The Rightful Owner website was created many years ago, the focus was simple…..provide information and resources to assist all readers in claiming property rightfully owned, but held in places our readers might not know even existed. That single focus has worked well over the years and has allowed many readers to claim and receive property that would otherwise still be unclaimed.

But, times change and so does the need to expand and enhance the focus of The Rightful Owner.

While plans are still being made on how the new changes will be delivered, the expanded and enhanced focus will concentrate on areas that we believe are not being currently addressed to prevent unclaimed property from being created in the first place and to learn from the stories of those known to have created unclaimed property…….. stressing why it probably got placed into the unclaimed property classification in the first place and why it still remains unclaimed.

This new effort of expansion and enhancement will be differentiated under the new name of Finding The Rightful Owner, understanding that “Finding” will mean……more clues will be provided as to how unclaimed property can be identified for potential claiming thereby allowing both old and new followers of our information to benefit from new resources. Plus, we will also be looking at new outlets for providing this information to be presented to make delivery more frequent and usable.

We will have more information on these new activities in future announcements, but for now just know, Something New! Is in the works and coming your way.