Is there unclaimed property just waiting on you?

You wouldn’t think it would be a problem for a business to return property to The Rightful Owner, but think again.

Currently, all of the States, as custodians through the application of unclaimed property laws, together hold billions, yes Billions, of dollars that have been forgotten, misplaced, lost or created by death… by people just like you, and that unclaimed property is just waiting for The Rightful Owner to claim ownership and enjoy the benefits of their unclaimed property.

We want to help in reuniting The Rightful Owner with their unclaimed property. But, rather than just provide a place where you can contact the States about unclaimed property, we want to take a more pro-active approach to assisting you find your find your personal stimulus package of unclaimed property that is just waiting for you to lay claim.

In addition to providing detailed search information and Claiming Tips throughout our site, on a weekly basis, we will provide a list of names that we already know have unclaimed property waiting to be claimed.

Utilizing our information does not cost you anything, and searching for unclaimed property is easy, and really fun, particularly if something comes up. It is like searching for hidden treasure. However, we also know that some users may not be comfortable in doing all, or part, of the search or documentation process on their own. We understand. Therefore, we will help with questions received and provide other information to help you through the process. But, if you want, we are also here to provide you with specialized assistance for a one-time small fee that is shown in the Contact section. But, try it on your own first, you will be surprised to find out how easy it is to search, claim, document, receive and enjoy the benefits if you are The Rightful Owner of unclaimed property. To get started with a name search, click here.